Introducing The Unmarried Symbol ®

Just as unmarried-symbol-txt  is the symbol used for married and  peace-symbol-txt is the symbol used for peace, the Unmarried Symbol establishes a universal recognition of anyone who is single and open for love. There are universal signs and insignias for almost everything. Symbols are everywhere to identify persons, places, and things at a glance. The Unmarried Symbol was inspired by the image used on genealogy charts to denote unmarried and symbolizes two rings separated. This unique, patented design is an added accessory for fun and to take the suspense out of being single.

Why Wear the Unmarried Symbol?

The single population is at the level where it warrants special attention to enhance the development of personal relationships. Our purpose is to help singles to meet singles by wearing the Unmarried Symbol. It is a statement piece. Wearing the Unmarried Symbol showcases the self-confidence and positive distinction that singles deserve. It further increases the opportunity for singles to enhance lifestyle, meet new friends, and explore the single universe. Whether by choice or circumstance, single life can be a true adventure. Be who you are, be happy, be open for love, and enjoy life. Now is the time to use all of your resources to explore the single life. Wear the Unmarried Symbol in some fashion every day. You can wear the Unmarried Symbol everywhere you go. Compliment your on-the-go lifestyle and wear the Unmarried Symbol.