INTRODUCING The Unmarried Symbol


Just as unmarried-symbol-txtis the symbol used for married and peace-symbol-txt is the symbol used for peace, the Unmarried Symbol establishes a universal recognition of anyone who is single and open for love. There are universal signs and insignias for almost everything. Symbols are everywhere to identify persons, places, and things at a glance. The Unmarried Symbol was inspired by the image used on genealogy charts to denote unmarried and symbolizes two rings separated. This unique, patented design is an added accessory for fun and to take the suspense out of being single. Learn more...


To fully embrace all that single life has to offer – with total confidence, freedom, friendships, and fun.

A Single Life – Poem by Sylvia Larane Green

I only have a single life to live;
To the world I strive my utmost to give.
I aim to shed joy in another’s life-
Attempt to carry peace where abides strife.

I unselfishly spread my love abroad;
My existence I want not to be void.
I wish to lead people in the right direction–
Of positiveness be a reflection.

I desire to serve my fellow man,
Aiding him in any manner I can.
If I can manage to influence someone,
It will be a great deed to have done.

©1992 Sylvia Larane Green

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